How Many Steps Are Required to Burn 1 Calorie?

You might be starting your day with 1000 steps every morning but do you know how many calories you burn with 1 step? Exercising is the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but it is also important to know the nuances to estimate the end result. With the internet revolution, there is too much information available online and it could end up confusing you with statistics.

If you are looking for some relevant information towards achieving better health, here are some details on how many steps to burn 1 calorie.

Steps to Burn 1 Calorie

Here’s the answer to the question, how many steps to burn 1 calorie. If you wish to burn 1 calorie you will need to walk 20 steps. While this may be an estimate, you can try and use a good quality pedometer to understand the accuracy better. Basis of the statistics you can aim at walking a certain number of steps to be able to burn relevant calories per day. When it comes to healthy living everyday matters and hence you should aim at exercising every day instead of restricting it to a few days a week.

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Pace of Walking

The pace at which you take the 20 steps could matter a lot in determining how you reach the 1 calorie lost. The more speed you use in walking, the better your chances at making your heart work harder. This, in turn, results in calorie loss. The pace at which you walk is dependent on your age and other health factors. 

Calculating Calories

There are a few simple rules in determining the calories burnt after walking a certain number of steps. While the general claim is that you end up burning 500 calories if you walk about ten thousand steps, this is dependent on your age and also weight. The ideal way to track the exact number of calories is to use a smartwatch or a pedometer. Go for a good quality pedometer to determine accurate calories.

Fitness Tracker

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Investing in a tracker or pedometer makes sense if you are looking to attain good physical health and in a more calculative manner. It helps you in monitoring the steps, calories, distance, time etc. without the hassle of maintaining a manual note. Once you start tracking your progress with a pedometer, you will be able to push yourself to walk a greater number of steps for more calorie burn. You can constantly challenge yourself with the available statistics and attain better results each time.


For best results, you can begin strength training which can help you in walking more steps as you progress. Strength training helps in losing calories faster when you walk a certain number of steps. It helps you in having a better-looking body shape and of course, the health benefits of staying fit.

As they say, sitting is the new smoking. So, get moving and continue to monitor how many steps to burn 1 calorie, to attain a better quality of life.


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