How to Stay Healthy This Summer?

The summer heat can be really tiring and can also make you feel lazy and lethargic. To keep yourself fit and healthy this summer, it is important that you take appropriate steps aimed at taking care of your body. Read ahead for hacks to stay at your best, both physically and mentally in this scorching heat.

  • Do Not Overwork, Your Body Needs Its Rest

Your body needs to cool down after being exposed to the heat of the summers. When you are working through your daily routine, give your body an atmosphere where it can relax, while avoiding over exposure to heat. Make sure you get seven to nine hours of sleep. When sleeping, keep the curtains closed and install air conditioners or fans to regulate the temperature of the room

  • Do Not Skip Exercise

Like exercise is not already hard enough, the summer heat makes it even more difficult. To avoid discontinuing your exercise routine, shift the timings to the early morning hours, when it is cooler outside. You can also choose to break your work out up into shorter sessions. Changing the way you exercise can also be beneficial. Instead of going for long runs outdoors, you can opt to use a treadmill to protect your body from the hard environment. This will enable you to keep fit, while also spending quality time with friends or family at the gym.

  • Pay Attention to Keeping yourself Hydrated

The body loses a lot of water in summers due to increased perspiration. The water in our bodies needs to be replenished continuously, and drinking 4 liters of water a day benefits the body immensely. You do not have to consume the water plain, it can be infused with berries, cucumbers or lemons to give it flavouring. This makes it a lot easier to meet your water intake goals. Having foods with high water-content such as cucumbers and watermelons also contribute to the water requirements of your body.

  • Spend More Time in Water

The summer weather just calls for a cool dip in the pool! After spending the winters running and avoiding water sports, it feels great to be able to jump into the cool water. Swimming provides ideal exercise for the body. Just a 30-minute workout burns close to 400 calories. You can also choose to do water aerobics which involve jumping jacks, jogging and marching, all while you are neck-deep in water!

  • Protect Your Skin by Applying Sunscreen

Even if you are planning to expose your skin to direct sunlight for a short while, make sure you apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. UV rays can be harmful for your skin and if your skin is sensitive, it is best to use a mineral-based sunscreen. Even with the sunscreen on, do not expose your skin to extreme heat; avoid being outside when the sun is at its peak. If you are planning to spend a longer time in the sun, apply sunscreen every couple of hours.

The tips above are incredibly simple to follow and very beneficial for the body in the summers. If you religiously follow them, you will end up feeling cool, comfortable and happy.

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