The Best Long Lasting and Cheap Perfumes

The invention of perfumes is dated back to Egyptian times. As long there is human interaction, the need for smelling good is always there. Smelling fresh not only makes you feel confident but also makes people around you comfortable. It is every girl’s wish to own long-lasting perfume cheap and smells like a dream the whole day. Be it work, college or staying at home, here is a list of perfumes, which you can use every day without feeling heavy on your pocket.

  1. Yardley London – Morning Dew Daily Wear Perfume for Women

It is the best perfume range if you are looking for long lasting perfume cheap for women, then this is it. This classy perfume is ideal to describe the mysterious and elegant side of you. It lasts so long that until you wash the dress, you will smell the perfume on it.  You can apply it to a meeting or a party. This bottle of hidden mystery costs just INR 499/-

  1. Hey You Original –  Women’s Beautiful Perfume

You can smell amazing with the all-new Hey You Women’s Beautiful Perfume. This perfume is florally subtle yet you cannot be missed. The best part is that it will last for more than 10 hours. This irresistible ladies’ fragrance costs you just INR 429/-

  1. Fogg Scent – I am Queen Women – Fragrance Body Spray

With a great range for both genders, particularly this bottle of freshness helps to unleash the royal queen chained up inside you. Fogg is not just long lasting but is extremely safe for sensitive skin as well. It also offers an amazing twelve-hour anti-bacterial defence against body odour. This bottle of heaven costs just INR 499/-

  1. Biotique Royal Saffron – Eau De Parfum

A perfume from this known brand not only gives a magical and romantic scent but also has different tones of jasmine, saffron, patchouli and tuberose. This is simply perfect for a meeting or office wear. The essence of jasmine keeps you fresh and saffron keeps you positive.  Now, that’s a perfume with some thought! It costs INR 699/-

  1. Avon – Scent Essence Romantic Bouquet – Eau De Toilette

Already ruling the beauty industry, this elegant perfume has the perfect blend of both fruity and floral scents. By wearing this sensual perfume to date or dinner with your partner, you can sit and watch the man fall for you even more. With notes from royal flowers like peony petals, violet blossom and vetiver, this long-lasting perfume cheap will complement your romantic side. This bottle will cost you INR 699/-

There are many other perfumes like The French Factor Flower – Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, Embark Womens My Dream for Her EDP and a few more in the market, which are both long-lasting and inexpensive. These soft and feminine scents are mixed with a naughty yet subtle fragrance that will leave passers wishing to stay around you.


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