What Causes Shingles to Flare up Again?

Shingles can be very painful, irritating and exhausting to experience. They are basically caused by a virus named zoster. This is the same virus which is also responsible for causing the deadly chickenpox. It is often debated about, can you get shingles more than once. Many of them argue that it is indeed a one-time phenomenon. However, it has been established by studies and research that the Zoster virus has the capacity to remain dormant for a very long time in one’s body and has the capacity to rebound may be after some year’s again causing shingles more than once in our body. But the percentage of people experiencing shingles more than once is quite less and it is in the sense quite rare among people.

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The Common Symptoms:

Shingles also called herpes is in the most common form, a viral infection that causes the body to react. The most common symptoms are feelings of nausea, fever, and also some headaches. Even before the rashes show up on the affected areas, patients have displayed symptoms of experiencing extreme pain and burning sensations.  Some others have experienced uncontrolled itching sensations as well which continues even during the appearance of the rashes.

Side Effects:

Many patients who have undergone the pain of experiencing shingles have also complained about some secondary side effects as well. As this virus usually occurs along the nerves, some complaint about having neural pain during and even sometimes after the disease has been cured. Many of the patients who have experienced shingles near their eyes have also in worst cases lost their eye sights. Also, many of these rashes on the skin can develop secondary bacterial infections and cause severe problems.


Shingles are caused both in kids and also quite common in grown-up adults past their 60s. Can you get shingles more than once? It entirely depends on the extent of the infection for the doctor to decide the necessary treatment. Usually, they do prescribe some effective anti-viral drugs for the right and timely treatment of the disease. Some also recommend a few creams for controlling the itching feeling of the skin. However, it has been recommended to avoid pain killers during the treatment process.

Preventive methods:

It is said that the occurrence of shingles cannot be presented as such. However, some care could be taken by administering the right kind of vaccines. The medical councils do recommend the correct vaccines for the virus Zoster which can be administered to further prevent the damage done by shingles.

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Shingles is a very painful, exhausting and severe virus attack which can happen to anybody. Mostly is it believed that shingles usually occurs only once in a lifetime.  However, if one thinks about can you get shingles more than once then you might be mistaken as there have been rare cases reported of patients experiencing the shingles attack more than once.

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