When to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss?

Green tea is the best tea among all types of other variants of tea. If you trying hard to reduce weight this is the best drink that you have to take. The tea is associated with some great health benefits, which includes weight loss and helps to reduce headache. Green tea consists of minerals, rich nutritional, vitamins, antioxidant and inflammatory properties. These types of teas help in the heart disease and also help to keep healthier. People are thinking that when to drink green tea for weight loss? For that, we are going to brief when to have the drink tea to get better result in loss of weight.

Make a habit of drinking green tea, which will boost your metabolism and that metabolism, will helps to lose weight in your body. From the research, we got to know that, you can find caffeine in green tea and you can also find antioxidant called catechin. These types of antioxidant will help in reduction of excess fat. Only small substance of catechins you can find in green tea, but that impact is large on weight loss.

You Should be Aware of When to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss

Before starting when to drink, you should be aware of this tea, it contains substances, which will lead to side effects to your stomach and some of the parts in your body. You have to know when to drink and when not to have. After finding when to have you can enjoy the benefits of green tea without any adverse effects.

Drinking Green Tea with Your Meal Is the Great Time to Lose your Weight

Had a cup of green tea with your meal, which will promote the weight loss in many ways. That will boost your body metabolism and they burn your fat. You have to do once in a day, you can see better result in one month. Basically, green tea simulates gastric acid because it’s alkaline by nature. Don’t take too much of tea in a day because that will lead to gastric, those you have sensitive stomach.

Drink Green Tea before Going to Sleep

If you make habit of taking one cup of tea before sleeping, you can get a better result in weight loss. It is a good option to take tea, because that tea contains relatively less caffeine and it may help you to prevent asleep. Another advantage of this tea is, there is a proper circulation of blood in the body. Make use of organic green tea with high antioxidants for fast reduction of fat.

Don’t take green tea in an empty stomach, especially in morning because the caffeine particles that may cause dehydration and the generate acidity in body. If you take this tea on morning that may lead to ulcer or stomach upset. So be very careful when you taking green tea. From the research we can say that Green tea contains 59 mg of caffeine.

Hope the article has covered all the points on when to drink green tea for weight loss. Thanks for reading our article.

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